Krall Barn

The Krall log barn that was located east of Schaefferstown was built in 1796. It was a double crib log structure with two thrashing floors that measure 36’ wide by 72’ long. It is typical of the log barns built by the Pennsylvania Germans that were the early settlers of this area and is the only one of its type left in Lebanon County. Howard Scharff, the owner, agreed to donate the barn to have it dismantled and re-constructed in Lebanon County. The Union Canal Tunnel Park is now the new home to the Krall Barn. Re-construction has started with the second floor consisting of the original wood floor framing bearing on new concrete block walls. The original log walls and roof framing rise above the second floor. Stay tuned for more updated construction photos as this beautiful “OLD” barn becomes “BARN AGAIN”!

NEW PHOTOS ADDED! Take a look at the progress.