Refreshing Mountain Adventure Center Deck

Refreshing Mountain is a beautiful year-round retreat and adventure center tucked away on 80 acres of scenic woodland in Stevens, Pennsylvania.

Greenebaum worked with the camp owner to carefully frame a code-compliant 2300 sq. ft. pressure-treated timber deck adjacent to the tour building and souvenir shop and around existing trees. To meet the required occupancy load of 100 pounds per square foot – 2 ½ times heavier than the load required for a residential deck – the structural design limited the span of the floor joists to 8 feet. The joists were framed onto built-up timber beams spanning timber posts that rest on 36” diameter concrete piers. Code also required special connections to the existing building, knee braces at the posts, and special railing connections.

The lovely wrap-around deck is now the perfect vantage point for Refreshing Mountain guests to take in the stunning views of the surrounding forest.