The Olde Firehouse Laundry

When Greenebaum Structures partnered with Compleat Restorations and Heck Construction to help renovate a property on South 9th Street in Lebanon, PA, it seemed like business as usual. We determined the extent of structural fire damage to the roof framing and designed the repairs to include new interior perimeter stud walls fastened to the existing brick shell to address any fire-damaged weakening of the brick walls.

We also uncovered something special. During our initial investigation, we found some unusually heavy and interesting roof framing. We contacted Lebanon City Fire Commissioner Duane Trautman and learned the building originally served as a fire station, Union Fire Company No.1, established in 1780, and the unusual framing was remnants of the bell tower.

The Owner recognized the significance and honored the building’s history by naming it “The Olde Firehouse Laundry.”

  • The Olde Firehouse Laundry